Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

When you buy something from this website, I receive an affiliate commission. These are based on my own opinions of video game merchandise and are not representative of the companies that sell or create these products. 

My reviews are shaped by personal research and experience with gameplay from Steam. I certainly won’t recommend poor quality products, nor will I create false reviews just to generate revenue. 

This is meant to be a quality check on which PC gaming commerce sites are reliable and sell genuine game copies. But there will always be the risk of fraud among private vendors who sell their games online through G2A or other marketplaces.

It is my intention to explain products & services so you can make an informed decisions on which ones best suit your gaming needs. By reading my posts and supporting my merchandise promotions, you are keeping this blog alive. 

Here are the following companies that I am currently partnering with, as the official owner of PC Games for Steam. I may decide to add some companies that sell gaming computers and advanced software to enhance your gameplay experience.


Humble Bundle


More will be added soon!