Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review


Written by Paul Gestl

Developer: BioWare
Publisher: LucasArts, Disney
Released on Nov 19, 2003

In BioWare RPGs, the setting is crucial to the player’s enjoyment of their franchises. The player may control their choices, but the world they play around in follows a strictly linear plot. Inspired by the comic books, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic takes place 4,000 years before the movies, in the same “galaxy far far away.”

Genre: An Adventure RPG

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Scribblenauts Unlimited Review

Scribblenauts Unlimited for PC

Developer: 5th Cell Media
Publisher: Warner Bros. 
Released on Nov 20, 2012

A sequel to the original Scribblenauts franchise for the Nintendo DS, Scribblenauts Unlimited will take you on a new adventure around the world. Travel from the big city, over mythical lands, and into space as you solve unique puzzles using your world navigator and magical notepad. 

Genre: A Strategy and Adventure Game

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Eastern vs. Western RPGs

Eastern vs. Western RPGs:
Cultural Differences that Shape Games

Traveling the vast land with a sword in hand, the warrior walks with a purpose in their soul. The task handed to them is truly one of great importance, and the challenge they face is likely to be a test of their brains, brawn, and battle skills.

Sounds familiar? It should be as it is the core idea of any roleplaying game (RPG for short). These games ask the player to take on the role of an exploring character and grow them into a person capable of accomplishing the mission that is set out before them.

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Website was down on Monday


To my fellow readers, I have some bad news to share. Last Monday, PC Games for Steam suddenly stopped working. The main URL directed to someone else’s blog and the site was no longer secure. It gave me quite a shock. 

I tested the links on my pages and the images couldn’t be viewed. It’s been frustrating trying to fix the database files.  Unfortunately, I lost two of my latest posts and was told by my host provider they won’t be able to recover them. 

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Open World vs. Sandbox Games

What is an Open Sandbox game?

by Paul Gestl

In recent years, there have been many different genres of games that sprung up on the Steam Store. A lot of games manage to combine genres with ease, but certain genres just don’t mix. These ones end up becoming toxic for the games that incorporate them.

Two very similar genres that don’t go together but seem nearly identical are the Open-World and Sandbox games. During my research on the Fallout 4 Review, I noticed that the settlement crafting system appeared to be making part of the game into an actual sandbox.

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